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Mt. Lebanon Magazine has been around for close to 40 years, it is the OFFICIAL community magazine and only one endorsed by the municipality. It is delivered to every home and business in the community for free. It represents community, connectivity, caring, normalcy, and security … something we are all craving at this point. I know I am.

Magazines are still considered the most trusted form of medium. When someone picks up the magazine they can spend as much time with your ad as they choose. According to the Pew Research Center of Journalism and Media, Niche Magazines that are "hyper local" in particular are gaining in popularity and experiencing the greatest growth in the print world. And YES!  Mt. Lebanon Magazine is a niche publication that reaches the targeted audience of the Mt. Lebanon community.

The readers are educated and affluent. We circulation 25,000 copies and each magazine reaches 3 people so that equates to 75,000 people. We also have an online version of the magazine and a social media component with growing statistics to support those platforms. 


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